That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s September 2016, and the age old tactic of owning your own link network is still alive and well in the SERPs.

    Seriously, does Google not even care? Why is it so easy for manipulative companies to do whatever they like within the worlds largest search engine, under the noses of the worlds largest company.

    It seems to me like there needs to be a change. Surely Facebook, or Twitter, or even Bing should be able to re-engineer the way we perform online search, and adjust the way they operate to take over this market.

    It seems like if you search for certain things today on Google, the results are simply pure spam. It’s a horrible situation to be in, and I by no means like it at all.

    For instance, people are using things like private blog networks, where they create a load of fake websites that they pretend not to own, while linking back to their own website to rank. It’s been said that:

    Using expired domains for your private blog network is beneficial, because they have many of these factors already. You can also use expired web 2.0 properties, which have existing positive signals to be reused. (Natural Networks 2016)

    This is simply impossible to tolerate, and I thought that when link networks were penalised in 2015, as reported by Search Engine Watch, that this tactic would die out. How many business owners have to lose their websites to parasites before this will end?






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