Reclining Rattan Furniture: The UK 2018 Sensation

We recently revealed this information about reclining garden chairs in our news blog post, and so we thought we would continue the discussion on a page of its own right. For a variety of factors that are described for you listed below however the overriding aspect with all our furniture is the supreme quality and also value for money.

What is reclining rattan?

This simply means rattan furniture with chairs that have a reclining back to them.

Reclining rattan

Often the most comfortable type of furniture you can sit on because it allows you to adjust the angle to suit your own taste. It’s also been said to be great for people with back pain, the perfect high backed garden chair.


The weave in our variety of outside rattan chairs and also tables is woven from synthetic fiber rattan that is designed especially for outdoor usage by expert makers in Indonesia– the house of rattan-weave. There are a variety of designs and also colours noted for each chair kind or collection.

Which type is best for me?

There are several types available to choose from, including weatherproof rattan. The best often depends on your budget, but you will find various different qualities in this industry, and we have ranked them from best to worst below:

  1. UV stabilized (reference), aluminium framed rattan
  2. Steel framed, UV stabilized rattan
  3. Hand woven, steel framed rattan
  4. Plastic shell rattan effect

The price goes down as you get down the list, but this also means the quality is worse, and a set will often not last as long.

What furniture is available?

We supply only the most special series of reclining rattan furnishings to allow you to appreciate your yard area in style. All our reclining rattan furnishings remains in stock for prompt shipment. You will be able to purchase various types, including:

  1. Reclining rattan chairs
  2. Reclining rattan armchairs
  3. Reclining rattan dining sets
  4. Reclining sofa sets
  5. Reclining bistro sets
  6. Rocking rattan chairs

These are available in various different colours, including light brown, grey, and cappuccino.#

For a reduced upkeep, timeless option to your yard furniture issue, rattan garden chairs are here to save the day! Whether you would certainly such as a single recliner or the complete suite set, we have modern as well as standard rattan home furnishings to fit your yard as well as residence. Use inside your home, outside, on lawn, paving and aggregates.

Ergonomically made chairs and also tables– it’s done in the detail with a little angled legs, designed backs and also arms, reclining options as well as ‘mould to the body’ seating textiles you’ll never ever wish to leave the convenience of your preferred chair.
The added bonus we offer a variety of footstools to compliment most of our exterior rattan chairs and also tables also so you can make an attribute established if you wish to.

Is it weatherproof?

If you choose the correct type of rattan mentioned above then it is definitely weatherproof. The key features to look out for are:

  • UV stabilized hand woven rattan: this means it will be protected from the sun and not break down over time.
  • Aluminium frame: this means it will not rust when left outside in the wind, rain or snow.

All in all this makes investing in better quality furniture much more fulfilling.

The pillows these been available in a variety of colours as well as material choices– all noted in our catalogue. They all adhere to UK Fire Retardant Regulations.

Suggested Retailers

If you’re looking to buy reclining rattan furniture online with UK delivery, then you can check out the following retailers:

You can always contact us at Philly Garden Guide for more information about garden furniture.