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The Reviews Are All “GREEN THUMBS UP!!

“I am thrilled to finally see a thorough and useful guide to the gardens of the Delaware Valley. Adam Levine and Rob Cardillo are the perfect guides—bringing the gardens to life in word and image.”— Jane G. Pepper, President, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

“This is a great service to our public gardens! Whether you want to learn new gardening ideas or simply reconnect with family and friends in a beautiful peaceful setting, this beautifully illustrated reference will help you choose and locate the right garden for you.… A must have guide…”— Paul W. Meyer, F. Otto Haas Director,  Morris Arboretum


Denise Cowie, Greater Philadelphia Gardens webmaster: “This comprehensive and lavishly illustrated guide to the horticultural riches of the Delaware Valley… is a must for anyone in the Philadelphia area with even a casual interest in beautiful gardens. And it’s the perfect gift to give to any friends who might be planning to visit.” Click here for full review

Virginia Smith, The Philadelphia Inquirer:  “Adam Levine and Rob Cardillo have a new book….and how I wish they’d done it sooner. Would have saved me a mountain of computer printouts and hours of online research over the years….”

Sue Kittek, The Allentown (PA) Morning Call: “A great book for gardeners looking for inspiration….[It] covers not only the large gardens we know and love…but also the many local arboretums and small, less well-known ones… The text by Adam Levine gives eloquent descriptions of each garden and …beautiful photographs by Rob Cardillo accompany most descriptions and highlight aspects of the gardens. This is a good resource for those looking for daytrips with a focus on gardens.”

A message to readers from
Adam and Rob
We worked for two years to create a guidebook that is true to its name, one that will guide visitors to the garden experiences that will best satisfy their needs. The book’s 192 pages are packed with insights and information based on our intimate knowledge of the places described, gleaned from our combined 50-plus years living in the region and photographing and writing about its gardens. We hope that our love of the many horticultural  treasures in this area — truly the horticultural epicenter of the country — comes through in both in the lively text and the 200 illustrations. Please let us know what you think by contacting us

The regional map on the inside front cover provides both the general location of each garden, and serves as an alphabetical listing of all gardens in the book. A second, more detailed map shows seventeen Central Philadelphia gardens, which can be visited in a walking-tour format.

Some of the many useful features of  the book
•Geographical arrangement of public gardens by region, along with general and specific maps for easy location;

•Key information about each major garden, including hours, admission fees, garden size, time needed for a tour, and accessibility, along with tips on site-specific features—cafes/restaurants, gift shops, plant sales, associated historic houses/museums, and children’s features;

•References for 11 community and 2 private gardens.

•More than 200 gorgeous photographs detailing both
the landscapes and the intimate features of these places.

•More than a dozen gardens that have never before been in any garden guidebook.

•A section dedicated to Center City Philadelphia with a map that encourages local residents and visitors to tour the gardens and green spaces  in the city’s urban core.

A Guide to the Great Gardens of the Philadelphia Region is now available in bookstores throughout the Philadelphia region. Our favorite is the Joseph Fox Bookshop in Center City Philadelphia, one of the few thriving independent bookstores left in this age of chain megastores.

The book can also be ordered from online booksellers such as Amazon, or purchased at one of the many lectures and book signings that  Adam and Rob will be giving. See our home page for a list of these events. If you meet us at these events, please tell us if you learned about the book from this website.